Reed & Root is a small, family farm and food forest located northeast of Naples, in the scenic Finger Lakes region of New York. We are near the southern end of Canandaigua Lake, nestled in the wooded highlands between High Tor Wildlife Management Area and Italy Hill State Forest.

Our Story

In early 2017, we began offering hand-crafted goods under the name of Reed & Root. Specifically, we sold woodcut prints, foraged goods, and wild-crafted items. By the end of 2017, we moved to the farm property. As we settled in, we  cast our vision for sustainable and regenerative land stewardship.

By October, we became steadfast in our commitment to implement permaculture design principles and grow our farm business according to three permaculture ethics:

Care of Earth

Care of People

Return of Surplus (Fair Share)


Throughout 2018, we observed wind, sun, rain, snow, and drainage patterns. We observed the land through four seasons and developed our permaculture plan. In addition, we sharply reduced our firewood consumption and began laying groundwork for establishing a perennial food system. We received a walk-through visit and some counseling from a master forester; removed invasive vines; established large composting bins; pruned apple trees; inoculated logs for mushroom production; and planted chestnut trees and blueberry bushes. We also began planning for the growth of quality annual foods. We planned systems for water catchment, designed raised garden beds, and put in a small infrastructure for growing micro greens.

In 2019, our learning and our work continues.  We are most thankful this year to participate in an 8-month seed saving mentorship circle.  We intend to steward a small collection of native and regionally adapted heirloom seeds.

As the year progresses, we will erect our business sign, establish a couple tree guilds, plant approximately 20 more fruit and nut trees and 15 more blueberry bushes, construct 384 square feet of raised beds, build a farm stand, and fell dying Ash trees for firewood and wood chips. Toward the end of the year, we will begin growing micro greens to order.

Throughout our journey, we will continue building community and learning regenerative ways to care for people, our Mother Earth, and the diversity of her inhabitants. 

Please Come Again

We hope to update our Events page, soon. There, you will find notices of workshops, community gatherings, and regional permaculture events. Come learn with us or schedule an event to share your knowledge.

When you come back, don't forget to visit our Blog. We’ll share knowledge and our reflections of this journey. You can count on it growing.

Watch our online store for things to come. We fondly refer to it as the Root Cellar Over time, it will fill from the abundance of Mother Earth and people working in harmony.

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